pb_justin (pb_justin) wrote in post_bellum,

Day off!

Characters: Justin Finch-Fletchley, Melinda Bobbin
Date: September 12th 2000
Location: London
Status: Private
Summary: Justin has a day off and Melinda runs errands.
Completion: incomplete

Justin stepped in Revial Records, one of his favorite music store, mosty because they sold used items. Considering that he was living in wizarding London, he rarely got to enjoy his favorite Muggle music anyway so he prefered to get it used so it wouldn't break his heart too bad to leave it behind.

Scanning through the new arrivals at the store, he sighed and picked up a Green Day album he didn't have yet. Smiling, he turned around to walk towards the classical music and excused himself as he nearly stepped on a girl's foot on his way there. Stopping abruptly, he turned around to face her, his lip curled into a great smile. "Melinda?" he asked, making sure it was her even though he couldn't really forget Melinda Bobbin who had been at school at the same time he had.
Tags: 2000 09, in progress, justin finch-fletchley, melinda bobbin, place: london
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