Hermione Granger (pb_hermione) wrote in post_bellum,
Hermione Granger

RP: Dinners

Characters: Ron & Hermione
Location: Grimmauld & then dinner
Date: Sep 10, 2000
Status/Warning: Closed/None?
Summary: He pays her back with dinner
Completion: Incomplete

Maybe dinner would be better this time. Maybe it wouldn't end in her feeling rotten and empty.


Well you could never be too sure, when it came to Ron. He was someone she fought and fought with, like mortal enemies, sort of, spilling blood and tears and hateful words. There couldn't be any more apologies either, they were through with that -- both saw only what they wanted.

Hermione hooked her thumbs in the pockets of a green vest, collar up to protect against unusually windy weather. The walk to Grimmauld Place was becoming less and less inviting with each trip.
Tags: 2000 09, hermione granger, in progress, place: diagon alley, ron weasley
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