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RP: Live from Falmouth

Characters: Lee Jordan, Kevin Broadmoor (NPC) and Karl Broadmoor (NPC)
Location: Falmouth
Date: September 10, 2000, afternoon
Status/Warning: Heard on the Wireless/Swearing
Summary: Lee interviews retired Beaters
Completion: Complete

"Good afternoon Quidditch fans! This is Lee Jordan reporting from Falmouth as the area sports fan prepare for tonight's match against the Wigtown Wanderers. I've talked to a number of fans, but nothing compared to the two men standing next to me. I have been fortunate enough to run into famous retired Beaters Kevin and Karl Broadmoor!"

Muffled shoving

"Eh! I should be first. I'm the oldest."

"Bollocks! You louse. He said me name first!"

"Gentleman, no need to get pushy." More shuffling and growling "So, you two played for the Falcons, how do you think they are fairing so far this season?"

"Total shite-"

"Bloody wankers the lot-"

Muffled shoving

"Language, gents." Growling

"All right! What do you think they need to improve?"

"Bloody'em! Fucking beaters are complete pu-"

"They need to be more aggressive! Never seen such as pansy-asre team before."

"Well! That's some pretty strong feelings about it." Nervous chuckle."Do you two come to a lot of games these days?"

"Just the Falcons, 'cause the league-"

"Been years since a good team been here. Makes me miss the old days."

Shuffling"What made you two retire?"

"Fucking shite heads in the league."

"Too violent they said. Don't know what game they'd been watching. Arsehole flew himself right into the Bludger."

"Yeah, it's not like we killed anyone. Just made it sos they couldn't play no more."

More nervous chuckling "You both seemed to be in excellent shape. Ever thought of coming out of retirement?"

"Blimey, course we have!"

"Fucking owners say we'd be too much of a liability."

"Complete and total bollocks. Bloody wankers, if you ask-"

"They think we are too rough. I'll show you rough-"

"Thank you! That was Karl and Kevin Broadmoor, famous Beaters for the Falmouth Falcons. It's only a few more hours before the Falcons take on the Wanderers. Will they be victorious? Just keep on listening if you want to find out."
Tags: 2000 09, complete, lee jordan, npc, place: outside london
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