irish (pb_seamus) wrote in post_bellum,

OWL: Saturn

Characters: Seamus Finnigan, Harry Potter, Sam McKinnon/Kennerly, Neville Longbottom.
Date: 9th of September, 2000.
Location(s): Respective.
Summary: Trying out the new owl.
Status/Warning: Private.
Completion: Incomplete.

It had taken a little while for Sea and the bird to get to know one another. Also, several bandages.

So, I thought -- it don't matter that Gin won you,
cos friends play exploding snap anyway.
You wanna come over next week?
Bring Ron.

Could be like our tournaments third year,
except for me losing my head and putting
Dean's chocolate frogs on fire.


ps. Don't mind Saturn.
Just tell her she's a tool
and she'll be on her way.


Mum just remembered, and says to write
and tell you if you're ever wanting cake
just root her out and she'll put you right.

Also you're welcome in Finnigan house
whenever you please.

Which means come for Christmas.


ps. Look at my new bird! Name's Saturn.
Bit of warning --
Bet she'll be wanting lunch now, so
don't let her on your shoulder.

Also, try to keep her away from your devil bastard.


I asked Harry and Blockhead over for exploding snap
next week, cos lately I want to play and no one's ever in.
Do you want along?

I'll owl you with when.


ps. Nevermind Saturn, new, etc.
She likes to nip. Temper.
Tags: 2000 09, harry potter, in progress, neville longbottom, owl post, sam kennerly, seamus finnigan
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