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First time I cook for someone

Characters: Justin Finch-Fletchley, Neville Longbottom
Date: September 9th 2000
Location: Justin's flat, Diagon Alley
Status: Private
Summary: Justin invited Neville over for dinner.
Completion: incomplete

Justin whistled as he opened the door. It was barely a few minutes after three and all he really wanted right now was a shower, then he could be out to shop for the last ingredients for his dinner. He already had gone to the butcher, at the same time as he had for the restaurant that very morning, and everything for the marinade was already in his cupboards and ice box. As he washed up, he sang along the wireless even though he still found Muggle music much more interesting. He dressed casually, after all there was no real reason to dress otherwise, which meant a Muggle denim and a button up shirt with a pair of sneakers. He mixed the ingredients for the marinades and poured it all in a bag along with the porc chops to let it all tenderize while he'd be out. He looked in the ice box and frowned. Seemed like he had to refill his supply of vegetables while he was out and shrugged as he made his way out of his home towards the nearest market.

As he looked at lettuce he chuckled, remember the Neville jokingly offered to take share a cottage and take care of a garden while he would be the one to cook. Justin put it in his basket and walked towards the tomatoes, checking to make sure they were firm before he looked over at the cucumbers and grinned, grabbing one for the salad. Thinking of what else he might need for that night, he got himself bell peppers, radishes, carrots and celery. Happy with himself, he picked a package of snow peas and paid for his vegetables before gooing back home.

Justin kicked the door closed, his arms already full, and made his way towards the kitchen. As he settled the pot to boil some water for the rice before he started chopping veggies for the salad. He washed and prepared the lettuce while his thoughts drifted for a moment. His hands stilled while stared off into space a moment.

In the past few days, he had had plenty of time to think about what Cho and he had discussed. He had not brought up any of it when he had met Neville mostly because he had not been able to wrap his mind around that discussion he had had with Cho and Neville's revelation about his homosexuality had shaken him up just slightly, not to mention that talk he had had with Edward really didn't help.

Apparently, there was such a thing as being asexual, well medically speaking at least. Justin had freaked out just a little, once he was home then reminded himself that it could be post-traumatic syndrome but something inside of him was telling him that it wasn't it. He only had nightmares once in a while, on rare occasions, and he wasn't sure what triggered them. He continued cutting the vegetables, not quite sure where to go from there.

Now that Cho had mentioned romance, he couldn't close his eyes on this anymore. What used to suffice might not anymore and the announcement of Cho's marriage to Percy left him wondering how come he had never thought about this before. That Neville mentioned the impossibility for him to have children because of his homosexuality, had merely added to his confusion about himself and why he couldn't feel the way he was supposed to.

He let the knife on the counter and started pacing. He wiped his face and sighed before running his hands through his hair. It was obsessing, he thought. It had never been before, which was probably a good thing now that he thought about it a bit harder. Realizing he still had dinner to make, he went back to the counter and finished up the salad, except the tomatoes so it wouldn't wet everything and got the chops ready for the oven while he waited for Neville.

He magically cleaned the board and the knife and set them on the counter, figuring he'd wait for Neville to get there before chopping the herbs for the rice. A knock at the door indicated him that his new friend had arrived and he nearly ran to the door, smiling widely when he opened for Neville, letting him in.

"Hey there, glad you could make it."

Tags: 2000 09, in progress, justin finch-fletchley, neville longbottom, place: residence
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