Hermione Granger (pb_hermione) wrote in post_bellum,
Hermione Granger

RP: It's a ... !

Characters: Hermione Granger & o p e n
Location: Flourish and Blotts
Date: Sept. 09, 2000
Status/Warning: Open/none-ish
Summary: Ten days. She plans for presents.
Completion: Incomplete

Well of course it was a little bit presumptuous to assume someone was planning you a party, but people never realize that there was a great deal of worry that came packaged neatly with presumption. Precisely, Hermione worried that there, in fact, would be no party at all, which would not be preferable, but could in some ways be predictable.

Or perhaps some other word beginning with P.

A few months ago, she wouldn't have worried. Draco, ever the romantic type, would orchestrate an elaborate outing, maybe to the mansion or something starlit like that. And then he'd have thrown her a gorgeous party, filled with balloons and streamers and cakes. Recently, however, Hermione started counting, and found that the good days no longer outnumbered the bad, at the end of the month.

He didn't like how much time she spent with her other friends, and she called him jealous and pigheaded, and then he'd say something to make her cry and they wouldn't talk the rest of the night. It was almost as bad as the hair-pulling and the jokes about a buck-toothed Mudblood from years ago. Almost.

Today was a good day by virtue of Hermione being out alone, a pad of paper and pencil in hand, scribbling titles of books from the shelves at Flourish and Blotts. Things she wouldn't mind reading a few dozen times.

Animals: A Transformation, Caroline Dodding
Angels and Demons: why they don't exist but elves do, Georgina Bullen
Experiments in Breeding Dragons, Selima Thistlethwaite
The Joy of Advanced Potions, Rosemary Tompset
The Hexing Principle, Dr. Georgina Spinnaker
Contact: Duels and the art of Dance, Prof. Stuart McTavish
Tags: 2000 09, hermione granger, in progress, place: diagon alley, theodore nott
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