pb_lee (pb_lee) wrote in post_bellum,

RP: A pint

Characters: Lee Jordan, others?
Location: Leaky Cauldron
Date: September 3, 2000, evening
Status/Warning: OPEN/None
Summary: Lee goes for a pint before a week of traveling
Completion: InComplete

Rolling the tension out of his shoulders, Lee checked his bag one final time. He was going to be traveling around for the week, 5 different games in 7 days, so he thought rather than deal with the mess of apparation points; he'd just stay in a motel while he worked. His boss was skeptical at first, but after Lee pointed out no one knew how long games would last, the producer caved in and gave Lee some coins as part of a travel expense.

He wasn't leaving until morning, but he wanted to get there early and do some interviews before the match. After checking the bag and was satisfied it was ready to go, his stomach growled. Damn, is it that late already? Not in the mood to cook for himself, Lee headed out of his flat and walked the short distance to the Leaky for something to eat and drink.
Tags: 2000 09, in progress, lee jordan, place: the leaky cauldron
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