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Looking into a mirror

Characters: Justin Finch-Fletchley
Date: August 31st 2000
Location: Blue Twilight, Diagon Alley
Status: Public
Summary: Justin punches out of work and decides on a drink before going home.
Completion: Incomplete

Justin whistled as he cut the last of the carrots, but stopped as his boss glared at him. The Blue Twilight's kitchen was not the place to let go and cut some slack on the job because you could hear music in your head and felt like dancing. He usually kept his mouth shut but today he was felt particuliarly happy and for some reason out of his control, his body just didn't agree with the silence that reigned in there. Except for the few order shoutings, there wasn't hardly anything else said.

Five o'clock shimmed and he grinned. Taking off his apron he threw it towards the laundry basket and discussed with the bloke who came in to take his place to prepare the ingredients for the evening orders. Waving, he walked out and breathed in the fresh air. A few dance steps later and he was off towards the Leaky Cauldron, thinking that a drink before heading home might not hurt him.

As he sat and ordered for an ale, Justin looked around to look for anyone he might know. He was unfortunately alone, but it wasn't a problem, he didn't mind relaxing on his own.

Tags: 2000 08, cho weasley, in progress, justin finch-fletchley, place: the leaky cauldron
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